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Story 2 - Creampie Game (MF FFM MFM wife oral swing qickie) by Creampie Eater.

I sat in the front seat of the car, my pussy leaking Juan's cum into the upholstery. It was at times like this that I wished I wore panties. But I wasn't thinking about that, I was playing over in my mind the fun we just had. Juan and I had met our favorite playmates for dinner. Of course, we had all sworn we would not fuck each other again. And, yet again, we had broken the promise. This time it only took a shot of GoldSchlager to get us to do it. We all knew we wanted to mix it up, and the promises were definitely just part of the foreplay.

We began our usual game. We would have same room sex, each watching the other couple sucking and fucking as we ourselves fucked and sucked. Early on, we decided that since the guys got so horny watching Vicky and I doing the lesbian thing, that it would be a reward. The girl whose lover came last ate the one who was filled with cum while her lover continued to fuck her.

Since we had made that our standard rule, Juan had become a stud. We watched Vicky get Clint all hard, and then she mounted him, her favorite position. Juan loved the doggy position, and we got into that very soon after. It was great, feeling his nice fat cock sliding in and out, making my heavy breasts shake as he connected his hips with mine. Watching Clint's mound get all saturated with Vicky's juices was a huge turn on too.

In the beginning, it was about even as to who would cum first. In fact, the first time it was Juan, and I remember the thrill of laying there with Vicky reluctantly eating Juan's cum from me. In the end, she had professed she loved it, and had continued to suck my cunt long after Clint had spewed into her. Vicky hadn't been the first creampie I had eaten, but I was the first to eat hers and she went crazy on my mouth. It was so exciting to have a lover react that way, and that it was a woman with a cum-filled pussy made it a total mindfuck. So nasty... so horny.

Now though, Juan had a five time streak going. Tonight made it six. I milked him as he kept up an "orgasm-producing" pace, but Clint was watching us while Vicky slid her hot wet box up and down and back and forth on him. Clint's mouth opened in a soundless scream, and Vicky made a really wicked smile. Noticing it himself (he was transfixed with them as they were with us), Juan slowed his screwing to a "make it last" pace.

I looked back at Juan, ripping my eyes from the pleasure of voyeurism, and asked him how he wanted me. The last three times, he had wanted me on my back so that he could see my mouth licking out the dripping goo, and this time it was the same. Oh goody!

Juan pulled out of me and I rolled over onto my back. Juan slid his wonderful cock back in, and Vicky lifted off of the shriveling Clint. She crawled over, letting the cum begin to run out. Then, she knelt astride my face, facing Juan, and brought her gooey puss to my mouth. Actually not right to it, because part of Juan's excitement was watching me lifting my mouth and extending my tongue to clean her pussy.

It was so delicious to taste Clint's cream, especially since it was strongly flavored of Vicky. I licked her inner thighs, cleaning the bit that had escaped when crawled. Then I put my hands on her hips to help lift my mouth to her. I ran my tongue back and forth between her pretty pink lips, ever deeper into her open pussy. Then I swirled my tongue-tip against her clit, urging it to cum out and play. Juan, keeping up a nice pace, kept telling me to "eat that pussy... eat it". It was damn hot!

I think Vicky was disappointed in not getting a chance to eat me. She leaned forward, and began to rubbing my clit and mound in a very arousing circular movement with one hand.
Leaning forward a little more, she urged Juan to pull out so that she could "suck Maria off of you". He pulled out of my flowing hole, and she moaned as he slid into her mouth for a few deep pumps and sucks. As he pulled out to re-enter me, she leaned further still and licked and sucked my pussy. I managed to look down far enough to see Juan pull her head back by her hair (tee hee!) and push deep into me with a single thrust. Ooohhhh!!

I resumed diving deep into her pussy, completely aroused by the fucking and rubbing I was getting. And by the fact that I was making Vicky so aroused too. When I felt and heard her begin to orgasm, I buried my face between her lips and sucked. Clint's remaining cum oozed out and into my mouth. Juan reached down and gripped my nipples, pulling me even deeper into Vicky, and THAT set me off. It was hard to breathe so deep in her folds, but that made my orgasm even more intense.

Of course, Juan then had to continue thrusting as I spasmed all over his dick. I was just completing my orgasm when he began his. He held himself in very deeply and stayed there squirting for a minute. I smiled, knowing how gooey I would be.

Vicky finally got her wish, mouthing me back to orgasm as she ate Juan's cum from me.

The rest of the evening was a nice horny fuckfest, like we all love. Vicky ate another creampie from me, this one as I was in a 69 with her. Her orgasm was so hard that she became drowsy, and dropped out.
That left me to take the final loads of the night, one of which came as Clint gripped my hair and fucked my face hard and deep. He loved controlling me like this, making me take his cock in my mouth and throat, and knowing that I like it even more. It was especially great, because Juan had revived enough to fuck my pussy at the same time and I got sandwhiched in the middle.
Again, I came first. Then Clint shot a very sticky stream against the back of my mouth. Finally, Juan filled me with the cum that was now leaking out.

I began to rub myself, unable to ignore how my clit was stiffening. Juan took his eyes off the road and looked at me. "Oh no, not again," he laughed. But I wasn't laughing. I was leaning down to put my head in his lap.


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